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A Celebration of Women

Written by Abigail Hughes March 5, 2020 0 comment

Women In Leadership -group at 2019 Girls On The Run event

March is a very exciting month – It’s Women’s History Month, March 8th is International Women’s Day, and it also just happens to be the month that CD Companies’ Women In Leadership Group (WIL) was started! This month is our one-year anniversary, and we’re thrilled with the success of our group so far. Over the past year, we’ve had many professional development discussions, learned about leadership from multiple industry leaders and also gave back to the community through volunteering and fundraising.

Many of our group discussions and monthly meetings have focused on our professional goals and the steps that need to be taken to achieve them. We also had the honor of listening to some truly inspiring leaders this past year. We’re thankful for everyone who came to share their knowledge with us, including Yemi Akande-Bartsch, Ph.D. from Focus St. Louis, Deana Pape from IPM, Abbie Rudolph from Abbie Takes Pictures and CD Companies president, Dan Cutter.  

Along with professional development, WIL also participated in a few fundraisers and volunteer opportunities throughout the year. We hosted a fundraiser for Fox School District’s Aftershock Program where our team collected feminine hygiene products and other toiletries for children who needed them. Members of WIL also ran a couple cheer stations for the spring and fall runs for Girls on the Run St. Louis. We had a great time cheering on all the inspiring young girls!

While March is packed with important days for women, this whole year is very important, too – It’s the 100th Anniversary of women’s right to vote! As a celebration of this, we encourage you to make sure you’re registered to vote and let your voice be heard! Register here.

We’re proud of all the strong, motivated women of CD Companies, and we’re looking forward to another successful year for Women In Leadership!