CD Companies Office Reopening Plan

Written by Abigail Hughes April 27, 2021 0 comment

CD Companies Lobby

Since March of 2020, most of CD Companies’ staff have worked remotely due to the risk to our staff posed by COVID-19. We planned early, investing in key areas and testing groups of staff working from home as the very first cases appeared in the U.S., before governmental ordered closures occurred.  We have placed the safety of our employees at the top of our concerns throughout this pandemic, especially the safety of those critical staff who had to be in the office to allow others to work from home. 

Our staff has performed admirably during this period, demonstrating the resolve and commitment needed. They did not let this pandemic impact their responsibilities and continued to function as a team. Important new workflows and methods have been developed that will serve us well even after life returns to normal. 

While proud of the great work our staff has been able to achieve while working remotely, we know that the maintenance of a cohesive company culture and providing proper mentoring are best facilitated in the office environment. Our practice and our profession are best served by working together, and we believe now is the time. We have put “safety first” for the last 14 months, and “safety first” will be our standard for reopening the office.

Thankfully, safe and effective vaccines are now available, and these will allow the CD Companies and country to soon return to normal. We have set a date of 7/12/2021 as a goal for reopening the office to attendance for all employees. That should allow sufficient time for all who are able to be vaccinated, to seek out the vaccine of their personal choice.  

We felt it was important to allow that time for everyone, because we will be allowing only vaccinated or otherwise immune (i.e. from recent infection) staff to return to the CD Companies’ office. We anticipate that the vast majority of our staff will be fully vaccinated by that time, but those with a medical or a religious objection will continue to work remotely until a herd immunity is present. That should be very few individuals, but it is important in our view that the unvaccinated not be exposed to each other in the office environment. 

Because our staff has done the hard work of perfecting our remote working procedures and demonstrated the commitment needed, going forward, we will also be allowing increased flexibility in our policy. At the timing and discretion of one’s manager, employees may be able to work up to 20% of their required hours each month remotely. We can achieve the cultural, mentoring and coordinating missions while allowing measures for work-life balance. 

We will continue to carefully watch events as they unfold and adjust our plans accordingly. We will monitor guidance from the CDC and other relevant sources, especially more information on the efficacy of our vaccines for emerging variants (though so far that data is good). We will celebrate the day that our entire staff is working together in the office again, and it is exciting to know that day is soon!