Sarah Sandvoss


Director of Strategic Pursuits

Sarah Sandvoss

Sarah Bundy, recently joined the CASCO team as the Director of Strategic Pursuits. With a B.F.A from Maryville university, CM-BIM certification and over five years’ experience in Marketing and Communications, she is an expert in marketing strategy, driving demand and building successful, profitable practices. As the Marketing Manager at CASCO, she is focused on optimizing strategies to accelerate revenue.

Sarah ensures the delivery of top-quality, on-time marketing packages. She implements procedures and protocols to ensure the most effective marketing organization and strategies for local and global markets. Sarah possesses the cognitive skills of associating, questioning, observing, networking, and experimenting. Her creativity offers a fresh perspective and has been instrumental in developing new marketing brand standards and strategies providing CASCO with more than just a competitive edge.

Sarah is proficient in many technology platforms that allow her to create compelling visual content that effectively promotes our message, maximizes our audience engagement and increases our brand awareness.