Thank you, Doug Stone and Nathan Ramsey!

Written by Abigail Hughes April 9, 2020 0 comment

Doug Stone and Nathan Ramsey

The past few weeks have been filled with transition and adaptation for many companies, including our own. At CD Companies, our top priority is the safety and wellbeing of our employees. While this has been a difficult time, we’re very grateful for, and proud of, how well our employees have continued to come through to get projects completed and deliver excellent customer service to our clients. Shifting an entire staff from the office to remote locations has been a challenge for everyone, but especially for Doug Stone and Nathan Ramsey of our IT Department.

We were able to quickly and effectively transition to the vast majority of our personnel to being productive due in large part to the efforts of Doug and Nathan. Dan Cutter, CD Companies President, said “They were involved from the start of our planning with leadership weeks ago, executed a careful plan, and have been tireless in their efforts to keep our operation running smoothly. They prepared us well.”

Doug has been with our company for over 24 years, and Nathan has been with us for over 22 years. They have been a staple to the growth of our business, and we’re lucky to have them on our team. Thanks for all your hard work, Doug Stone and Nathan Ramsey – especially during this unexpected time of transition!